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Dear Members,

The Federal Bar Council, consistent with its mission, advocates for and on behalf of the federal judiciary, and I am pleased to share that we continue that tradition by strongly endorsing and supporting the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security and Privacy Act of 2021. Plainly said, the safety of the judiciary is vital to the rule of law and the fair, efficient administration of justice. Federal judges must be able to make decisions, no matter how unpopular, without fear of harm.

This proposed law arises most directly out of the tragic events of July 19, 2020, when U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas’s son was murdered and her husband grievously injured by a disgruntled litigant who shot both men in their family home. This incident is only the most recent act of violence against federal judges amidst a disturbing and steep trend that implores Congressional action.

The proposed legislation, as we understand it, takes sensible measures to prohibit government agencies from disseminating judges’ personal information on the internet, incentivize state and local governments to do the same, prohibit commercial data collectors from selling or purchasing personally identifiable information of federal judges, and would permit injunctive relief and a private right-of-action for violations.

I invite you to read our letter in support of this legislation in full below and contact your representative(s) to encourage them to support this legislation.

Jonathan M. Moses


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