From Our Desks To Yours…. July 2022

Dear Members:


As I watched my son’s 5th grade graduation grade a few weeks ago I found myself reflecting on my own life transitions. I thought about many of the bigger moments – graduations, family moves, new jobs, becoming a parent for the first time – and realized that a common throughline has been the community support present through these various times. I have been fortunate to meet and work with incredible people and have a vibrant and engaged family. But it was my greater “community” that I thought of at my son’s graduation. And how everyone needs a multi-faceted support system to bolster them personally and professionally.


Most of us have experienced significant transitions over the past two years. Losses, job changes, moves, children growing up. We have had to weather these transitions – good and bad – without our community in the traditional sense. We have had to reshape our ideas about how to connect with people (e.g., building and maintaining relationships virtually instead of in person). Family gatherings were different, work meetings and events were different, professional networking was very different (I am sick of zoom drinks – I don’t know about you). We are all ready to re-connect and rebuild relationships and our communities through as much in-person interaction as possible and is safe.


I hear from countless members that they have developed some of their closest personal friendships and professional relationships through the Federal Bar Council. My first introduction to the Council was before I became its Executive Director – I remember building my network as a new attorney in NYC and it was members of the Council who were welcoming and generous with their time and connections. Now, as Executive Director, I take pride in building upon the Council’s long-standing tradition of community and camaraderie because I know from first-hand experience how important and impactful a supportive community is for attorneys at all stages in their careers.


As an organization, the Council continues to reevaluate, reprioritize, and reposition itself to best meet the needs of its members after these past two years. As we collectively ease through this next transition “back” to our offices and as our professional lives begin to resemble something of what we knew pre-Covid, I look forward to welcoming you and helping you reconnect with friends, colleagues, and peers across firms and practice areas. I invite you to leverage the Council’s community and camaraderie to bolster you through this next transition – however it happens to unfold.



Access to Counsel Project

The Access to Counsel Project was featured in the NYU Civil Jury Project’s July Newsletter. Currently there are several cases in need of counsel in both the SDNY and EDNY – and in particular a few opportunities for limited-scope representation for the purpose of taking a deposition only. Please be sure to check in frequently with the Offices of Pro Se Counsel in the SDNY (link: or in the EDNY [] for open cases needing counsel.



You can also sign up to hear about opportunities from us by emailing the Access to Counsel Project at

On-Demand CLE Library

Our on-demand CLE library continues to grow! Please check frequently for new programs. Recent additions include:

Bankruptcy Litigation: Major Issues on Appeal

(1.0 Transitional/Non-transitional CLE Credits in the Areas of Professional Practice) – Recorded on June 28, 2022

Financial Remedies in Criminal Cases and How to Mitigate Their Impact

(1.5 Transitional/Non-transitional CLE Credits in the Areas of Professional Practice) – Recorded on June 9, 2022

Free Speech and Social Media

(1.5 Transitional/Non-transitional CLE Credits in the Areas of Professional Practice) – Recorded: May 17, 2022

Mindfulness Techniques for Resilient Lawyers

(1.0 Transitional/Non-Transitional CLE Credit in Law Practice Management) – Recorded May 18, 2022

Pentagon Papers at 50: Leak Law and the Digital Age

(1.5 Transitional/Non-transitional CLE Credits in the Areas of Professional Practice) – Recorded: May 24, 2022


The full library can be found here

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