When There Are Nine Scholarship Project

The When There Are Nine Scholarship Project was established in 2020 in partnership with the Federal Bar Foundation by a group of women attorneys who served together as Assistant United States Attorneys in the Southern District of New York. The Project’s mission is to honor the lifelong work of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by creating a scholarship and related programming that will advance equity and diversity within the legal profession and continue the late Justice’s many efforts to expand career opportunities for women attorneys.


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When There Are Nine Information

Gabrielle Cappelletti – Rutgers Law School
Alondra Vázquez López – Columbia Law School

Ami Ishikawa – Yale Law School
Demi Moore – Yale Law School
Kylie Mignat – University of Virginia Law School

Amanda E. Gómez – Yale Law School
Priscilla Guo – Stanford Law School
Cristel Taveras – Fordham Law School


Each WTA9 Scholarship Recipient (“Recipient”) will be granted $10,000 per academic year. In
addition, Recipients will be assigned mentors who will provide support and guidance throughout the Recipient’s law school and early professional career. Recipients are expected to maintain regular communication with their mentors and attend regular events with their mentors. In collaboration with the Foundation, Recipients will be permitted to participate in FBC meetings and events while in law school and will receive membership to the FBC for the two years following their graduation.


The 2024-2025 WTA9 Scholarship is open to all women, including students who consistently live and self- identify as women, regardless of their gender assignment at birth. Additionally, applicants must:

– Intend to enroll or currently be enrolled in an ABA-accredited J.D. program with a
graduation date of 2025-2028;

– Have financial need;

– Have a strong record of academic achievement; and

– Demonstrate some ties to New York City, such as family ties, law school, or an intent to practice in or around New York City after graduation.

The Selection Committee values all types of diversity, and welcomes candidates from all backgrounds and life experiences. Although not required, the Selection Committee encourages applicants with a demonstrated interest in public service, or who are otherwise committed to giving back to the community.

While applicants need not have been admitted to law school at the time of their application, finalists will be required to inform the Selection Committee as to the law school they have committed to attend. All Finalists will also be required to provide a letter from their law school’s financial aid office that details their financial aid package, and to interview with the Selection Committee.


Recipients are required to use financial awards to pay for tuition and fees required for enrollment
or attendance at law school, or for fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses at the
law schools attended by the Recipients.


Complete the WTA9 Scholarship Project application form.

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WTA9 Scholarship Project

We invite you to support the When There Ae Nine Scholarship Project with a tax-deductible donation.
Your generous support directly fuels our mission to provide not just financial aid – a substantial $10,000 per academic year – but also invaluable mentorship and access to a powerful network for our scholarship recipients.

Checks are made payable to:
When There Are Nine Scholarship Project.
Checks can be mailed to the Federal Bar Council
150 Broadway, Suite 505 New York, NY 10038

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