From Our Desks To Yours…. April 2022

Dear Members:


On April 1, 1932, then New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the charter that established the Federal Bar Council. This month, we celebrate our 90th Anniversary – a remarkable milestone. Over the past 90 years, the Council has played an integral role in the fabric of the Second Circuit legal community, evolving to meet the changing needs of the profession. Throughout various evolutions the Council has remained dedicated to three core principles: promoting collegiality amongst and between the bench and the bar, promoting excellence in federal jurisprudence, and promoting the rule of law.


I moved to a new apartment last month. As you know, moving is not just the physical act of getting your stuff from one place to another – it requires a lot of sorting and decision-making and forces you to reflect/examine your life through the lens of your possessions. Living in New York City I don’t have the luxury of unlimited space or a basement to store everything, and on principle I refuse to rent a storage unit. This requires ongoing diligence in deciding what to bring into my home and consistent discipline to let go of things once they no longer feel useful. I’ve been really good – but oh man, I didn’t realize how much stuff I could fit into a closet.


While I was sifting through the various objects I have held onto over the years, I realized that each was tied by a common thread. For me, the pieces I have felt most compelled to hold onto have been linked to my family: a Polish prayer book that belonged to my maternal great-grandfather, filled with his handwritten notes and photos of distant family that didn’t immigrate to the U.S. with him. My grandparent’s dining room set that has witnessed countless family gatherings over multiple generations. Glassware that my great aunts and uncles had in their homes (which I learned they all bought at the local “dollar store” way back in the day). My grandmother’s piano-shaped music box that is erratically triggered to start playing music. All are items tied to strong family traditions, which help me remember who I am and my family’s core values.


This reflection ultimately led me to the Federal Bar Council and the traditions it has held alive over the past 90 years. A few I was able to identify quickly include bringing together lawyers and judges in both formal and informal settings to foster and encourage friendships, with the goal of improving the administration of justice – and making the profession more fun and friendly. Serving the court by publishing books of historic significance – anniversary compilations of judicial biographies and our annual Redbook, for example. Developing and presenting CLE programs to keep the bar informed of important legal developments. Hosting annual bench-bar retreats and conferences. Fundraising to support court initiatives and programs that impact the greater community. Standing up in support of an independent judiciary. Advocating for diversity in the profession and supporting efforts of both the court and private bar to move the needle to creating a more diverse and equitable profession.


This is just a sliver of what we, as a tight-knit community, have accomplished over 90 years. And a treat to imagine what the next 90 will bring.




 Here is what is on my shelf this month:

March was a slow book month for me. But I read two great novels that I highly recommend:


“Disappearing Earth: A Novel” by Julia Phillips. This novel takes place on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the northeastern, artic region of Russia. It’s full of mystery and suspense – the author weaves together the lives of several families who are impacted by the sudden disappearance of two sisters from a public beach on a sunny August afternoon.

“The Island of Sea Women” by Lisa See. A wonderful story about the famed haenyeo – women divers of the island of Jeju off the Korean peninsula. Haenyeo dive in deep waters to harvest sea life without the use of oxygen tanks. It is a lovely tale of strong relationships between women, the trials of living in occupied territory, and the challenges of maintaining deep-rooted traditions in a time of rapid globalization and technological advances.



Let me know what you’re reading!

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