From the President. FBC President Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil discusses fellowship and community in challenging times and in the future.

From the Editor. Bennette D. Kramer writes about Steve Edwards – her friend, mentor, and supporter, and the founder of the Federal Bar Council Quarterly  – who died on April 8 of COVID-19.

Developments. The Federal Bar Council held its annual Winter Bench & Bar Conference from February 23 through March 1, 2020. Bennette D. Kramer reports on all but four of the programs, and on the Council’s honoring of Evan Chesler.

Personal History. Mark C. Zauderer reminisces about Brooklyn of the 1950s, his hometown.

In the Courts. Brian M. Feldman and Timothy W. Hoover tell us about Judge Lawrence Joseph Vilardo, a true son of Buffalo and U.S. District Judge for the Western District of New York.

Legal History. Much has been written about Winston Churchill. But this article, by Joseph Marutollo, highlights  his intriguing connection to the Eastern District of New York – and specifically, the Cobble Hill neighborhood

In the Courts. U.S. Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith reports on how technology is helping her to conduct settlement conferences in the age of COVID-19.

In the Court. Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith introduces a 48-year-old article by a high school valedictorian now known as Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Federal Bar Council News. Travis J. Mock, the newest member of our Board of Editors, examines how the Federal Bar Council is rising to the challenge of COVID-19 and positioning itself for the future.

Federal Bar Council News. Avrom Robin discusses the Federal Criminal Practice Committee’s recent CLE program, “Sentencing: The View from the Bench.

A Lawyer Who Is Making a Difference. 
Here, Pete Eikenberry writes about Jojo Annobil, of the Immigrant Justice Corps. 

Federal Bar Council News. The First Decade Committee held its third volunteer event for Encore Senior Center. Participants are pictured in the photo on page 32.