Upcoming Events

Begin DateTitleCity
12/10/2019Inn of Court Meeting IOC1219
12/12/2019First Decade Committee MeetingNew York1DEC1212
12/12/2019Law Clerk Videoconference Series: Section 1983, Part 1New YorkLCVC121219
12/18/2019Judicial Luncheon Series With Judge Margo K. BrodieBrooklynFD6419
12/19/2019Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC121919
1/7/2020Inn of Court Meeting IOC120
1/8/2020Intellectual Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG1820
1/8/2020Second Circuit Courts Committee MeetingNew YorkSCCC1820
1/13/2020Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkFEDCR11320
1/15/2020Law Clerk Videoconference Series: Section 1983, Part 2New YorkLCVC11520
1/16/2020Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC11920
2/4/2020Second Circuit Courts Committee MeetingNew YorkSCCC2420
2/6/2020Social Media and Privacy Concerns in the CourtroomWhite PlainsCLE2620
2/10/2020Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkFEDCR21020
2/11/2020Inn of Court Meeting IOC220
2/20/2020Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC22020
2/23/2020Winter Bench & Bar ConferenceNassauWB2020
3/4/2020Second Circuit Courts Committee MeetingNew YorkSCCC3420
3/11/2020Inn of Court Meeting IOC320
3/11/2020Intellectual Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG31120
3/16/2020Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkFEDCR31620
3/19/2020Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC31920
4/2/2020Judges' Reception JR20
4/7/2020Inn of Court Meeting IOC420
4/7/2020Second Circuit Courts Committee MeetingNew YorkSCCC4720
4/16/2020Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC41620
4/20/2020Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkFEDCR42020
4/23/2020Federal Rules Update CLE42320
5/5/2020Second Circuit Courts Committee MeetingNew YorkSCCC5620
5/6/2020Law Day Dinner LD20
5/12/2020Inn of Court Meeting IOC520
5/13/2020Intellectual Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG51320
5/18/2020Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkFEDCR51820
5/21/2020Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC52120
6/2/2020Second Circuit Courts Committee MeetingNew YorkSCCC6220
6/15/2020Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkFEDCR61520

Event Type Key

Red=CLE Program

Blue=FBC Inn of Court

Green=First Decade Committee