Upcoming Events

Begin DateTitleCity
8/15/2019First Decade Committee MeetingNew York1DEC815
9/11/2019Intellecutal Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG91119
9/17/2019Affirmative Action CLE CLE91719
9/24/2019Inn of Court Kick-Off IOC92419
10/3/2019CLE Program - Sentencing Guidelines CLE10319
10/10/2019First Decade Committee MeetingNew York1DEC1010
10/16/2019Inn of Court Meeting IOC1019
10/17/2019Overseas Evidence Gathering CLE101719
10/22/2019Law Clerk Reception LCR2019
10/29/2019Employment Law Updates CLE102919
11/1/2019Fall Retreat 2019 FR19
11/5/2019Federal Rules Update CLE11519
11/13/2019Intellecutal Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG1113
11/27/2019Thanksgiving Luncheon 2019 TH19
12/12/2019First Decade Committee MeetingNew York1DEC1212
1/8/2020Intellecutal Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG1820
2/23/2020Winter Bench & Bar ConferenceNassauWB2020
3/11/2020Intellecutal Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG31120
5/6/2020Law Day Dinner LD20
5/13/2020Intellecutal Property Committee MeetingNew YorkIMMTG51320

Event Type Key

Red=CLE Program

Blue=FBC Inn of Court

Green=First Decade Committee