Upcoming Events

Begin DateTitleCity
1/17/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee MeetingNew YorkSCCC11718
1/22/2018Bankruptcy Litigation Committee MeetingNew YorkBANK12218
1/23/2018Credible Roles in the Courtroom: Diverse and Women AttorneysNew YorkCLE12318
1/26/2018Cocktails At the Courthouse SeriesNew York126FDC
1/29/2018Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkFEDCRIM129
2/1/2018NYAG and NYDFS 101New YorkCLE2118
2/6/2018Inn of Court Meeting IOC26
2/10/20182018 Winter Bench and Bar Conference WB18
2/12/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC21218
3/8/20182018 Judges ReceptionNew YorkJR18
3/13/2018Inn of Court Meeting IOC313
3/14/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC31418
4/3/2018Connecticut Committee Brown Bag Lunch With A JudgeBridgeportCTCOM43
4/16/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC41618
4/17/2018Inn of Court Meeting IOC417
4/26/2018Trial Advocacy Training for Pro Bono LawyersNew YorkCL426
5/2/20182018 Law Day DinnerNew YorkLD18
5/8/2018Inn of Court Meeting IOC58
5/14/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC51418
6/6/20182018 Summer Kick-off ReceptionNew YorkHH18
6/12/2018Inn of Court- Final Dinner IOC61218
6/18/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC61818
9/13/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC91318
10/10/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC101018
10/19/20182018 Fall Bench & Bar RetreatWestbrookFR18
11/14/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC111418
12/10/2018Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC121018

Event Type Key

Red=CLE Program

Blue=FBC Inn of Court

Green=First Decade Committee