Upcoming Events

Begin DateTitleCity
1/19/2021Morning Breakroom EV011821
1/21/2021Thurgood Marshall Award Presentation SOC12221
1/22/2021Coffee & Conversations With the Court SOC012221
1/27/2021Trade Secret Disputes, Civil and Criminal CLE012721
2/3/2021Securities Litigation Committee Meeting SEC2321
2/4/2021Program Committee Meeting PC2421
2/8/2021Federal Criminal Practice Committee Meeting FDCR2821
2/10/2021Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC21021
2/11/2021Brown Bag Lunch With Court of Appeals Judge William Nardini FD21121
2/11/2021Religious Freedom 2021: Too Much or Not Enough? CLE021121
2/23/2021Law & Literature - The Dutch House SOC22321
2/25/2021Outsourcing Of Government Investigations To Private PartiesLive WebinarCLE022521
3/4/2021Program Committee Meeting PC3421
3/4/2021Asylum Law: What's Next? CLE111820
3/9/2021Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC3921
3/15/2021Federal Criminal Practice Committee Meeting FDCR31521
4/7/2021Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC4721
4/8/2021Program Committee Meeting PC4/8/21
4/12/2021Federal Criminal Practice Committee Meeting FDCR41221
5/6/2021Law Day DinnerNew YorkLD21
5/6/2021Program Committee Meeting PC5621
5/11/2021Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC51121
5/17/2021Federal Criminal Practice Committee Meeting FDCR51721
6/3/2021Program Committee Meeting PC6321
6/9/2021Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC6921
6/14/2021Federal Criminal Practice Committee Meeting FDCR61421
7/8/2021Program Committee Meeting PC7821
9/9/2021Program Committee Meeting PC9921
10/7/2021Program Committee Meeting PC10721
11/4/2021Program Committee Meeting PC11421
12/2/2021Program Committee Meeting PC12221

Event Type Key

Red=CLE Program

Blue=FBC Inn of Court

Green=First Decade Committee