Upcoming Events

Begin DateTitleCity
5/1/2017Diversity Committee MeetingNew YorkDIV51
5/2/2017Bankruptcy Litigation Committee Meeting BANK52
5/2/2017Program Committee MeetingNew YorkPC_MAY
5/4/2017First Decade Committee Meeting 1DEC54
5/9/20172017 Law Day DinnerNew YorkLD17
5/10/2017Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC051616
5/11/2017Trial Advocacy Training for Pro Bono LawyersNew YorkCL517R
5/16/2017U.S. Court of Appeals 125th Anniversary EventNew York2CIR1258
5/17/2017Central Islip Committee Reception and CLE CISLIP517
5/18/2017A Look At Looted Art WorldwideNew YorkCL5117R
5/18/2017Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC518
5/22/2017Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkCRIMPRACB
5/23/2017Inn of CourtNew YorkIOC09_1617
5/24/2017Employment Litigation Committee MeetingNew YorkEMP524
5/25/2017Appellate Advocacy ProgramNew YorkAPPAD525
6/1/2017Connecticut Trial Advocacy WorkshopNew HavenCT61
6/1/2017U.S. Court of Appeals 125th Anniversary EventNew YorkCRT61
6/6/2017Bakruptcy Litigation Committee Meeting BANK66
6/6/2017Program Committee MeetingNew YorkPC_JUN
6/7/2017Multi-Agency Enforcement Actions: Strategy, Policy, and WhatNew YorkCRIMPRAT67
6/12/2017Federal Criminal Practice CommitteeNew YorkCRIMPRACC
6/12/2017Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC061316
6/13/2017Inn of Court- Final DinnerNew YorkIOC10_1617
6/15/2017Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC61517
6/28/2017Committee on Sentencing and Alternatives to IncarcerationNew YorkPRC0617
6/29/2017Summer Kick-Off ReceptionNew YorkSUM629
7/6/2017First Decade Committee Meeting 1DEC76
7/11/2017Program Committee MeetingNew YorkPC_JULY
9/6/2017Program Committee MeetingNew YorkPC_SEPT
9/7/2017First Decade Committee Meeting 1DEC97
9/12/2017Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC091216
9/14/2017Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC914
9/27/2017U.S. Court of Appeals 125th Anniversary EventNew York2CIR12510
10/3/2017Program Committee MeetingNew YorkPC_OCT
10/12/2017Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC101216
10/19/2017Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC1019
10/20/20172017 Fall Bench & Bar RetreatNew PaltzFR17
11/2/2017First Decade Committee Meeting 1DEC112
11/7/2017Program Committee MeetingNew YorkPC_NOV
11/13/2017Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC111416
11/16/2017Public Servce Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC1116
12/5/2017Program Committee MeetingNew YorkPC_DEC17
12/13/2017Second Circuit Courts Committee Meeting SCCC1217
12/14/2017Public Service Committee MeetingNew YorkPSC1214

Event Type Key

Red=CLE Program

Blue=FBC Inn of Court

Green=First Decade Committee