Pro Bono Advisory Panel

The Federal Bar Council Public Service Committee seeks volunteers to serve on a Pro Bono Advisory Panel. Panel members will provide advice, encouragement, and mentorship to practitioners who agree to represent plaintiffs in a pro bono capacity before the courts of the district courts of the Second Circuit. The Advisory Panel will also coordinate with Southern District of New York Office of Pro Se Litigation on matters that effect pro bono representation before the courts with the goal of improving and encouraging pro bono representation.

Anticipated Commitment: Members of the Advisory Panel will meet as needed to discuss issues arising in pro bono cases before the Court that merit the Panel’s collective attention.  Members will also be expected to make themselves available to briefly advise pro bono practitioners and law firm teams who have volunteered to take cases before the Courts.  Advisory panel members should provide guidance, when appropriate, on procedural, logistical, and strategic issues.  Experience suggests that most questions from pro bono teams can be addressed in a thirty-minute phone call or via email. Members may also refer questions to other willing practitioners with relevant expertise.

Volunteers should complete the below and submit to: Amy Jane “A.J.” Agnew, Esq. either via email: or fax: (908) 292-1120.